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Becoming Friends

Nourish the foundations of connection and belonging in your life
There is a longing inside of you for better connection
For true friendship
For community
Yet the outside world often does not reflect or support you in feeling like you belong.  It is one of frustrations of the modern world. 

Many of us did not have healthy modeling of how to create or sustain relationships and here we are as adults with no clue how to have the kind of connections we want. Or perhaps we did have healthy connections as children but we are hard pressed to find others who share our values now. 

I created this course for you. To nourish the roots of your belonging. 
Here are some of the things you might be struggling with 
You never were modeled healthy social skills

You know what is authentically true for you yet you have a hard time finding others who you can be real with

You have social anxiety

You find that many people are too busy

You don't feel like you belong 
to cultivate meaningful friendships
Join us on this journey to develop your skills in cultivating authentic connection and deepen your sense of belonging. 

This is a class in words and in movement, engaging mind, heart and body to embody these skills and enter into a new way of relating.

Many of us go around so much of the time feeling slightly awkward or uncomfortable or like oh jeez, I said the wrong thing. It’s a shame, because we are meant to connect with one another.  Yet, it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to be comfortable with other people and with ourselves.

How can we start to shift that dynamic into feeling more ease and flow with other people and more able to open up? What can we do to feel more socially confident? Often we have our guards up and we’re not able to share what’s inside of us for fear that it will be rejected or ignored. You can't necessarily make someone else in respond in a certain way but you can feel more comfortable inside of yourself while relating to others.


These are skills that can be cultivated but are not usually taught. Many of us had to learn the hard way through relationships not working out. What if we could have a space to intentionally think about, how can I connect with other people? How can I cultivate inside myself the capacity to have the connections that I want? How can I find the other people who are also willing and receptive to those kinds of connections?


It’s not an easy task. We are living in an age of isolation but we don’t talk about it, and the problem festers. The Surgeon General of the US released a report this year saying that isolation is the number 1 health crisis. There are a ton of health  problems related to isolation. I was a bit shocked…this report came out and I didn’t see people talking about it on facebook or saying that we have to do something about it. Yet I know that so many people are feeling lonely and maybe you are too?


How can we start to shift into feeling, I am comfortable in my own skin, I belong? How can we develop the inner capacity to know who we are and to help other people feel that they belong too? Because that is part of the issue too, we don’t feel that we belong and but we also don’t know how to make other people feel that they belong and we’re kind of all looking to each other to help us feel we belong. So can we step into leadership, even in small ways, in everyday interactions, around creating community, around creating the kind of world we want to see, on a micro level of treating each other right?


We don’t talk about this, these soft skills of welcoming and integrity.   


If you are interested in exploring these topics, then Moving into Friendship is for you. We will have an opportunity to explore them both with words and with movement. To share words and feelings and to support one another, which is crucial to cultivate the inner skills and capacities to have more connection. Then we will move our bodies and we have a chance to embody a sense of belonging, comfort and warmth inside of ourselves that we are longing for.


So, join us for this pioneering course on friendship. 

How can I cultivate the capacity to have the connections I want? 
Moving into Friendship 

~ Cultivate your social energy

~ Find compassionate strategies for your social anxiety
~ Connect with more authenticity
~ Cultivate your inner resources and knowing
~ Share wisdom and empathy
~ Tap into your creativity and resilience

~ Embody your belonging 

 weekly two-hour gathering on Zoom

Eight week intensive

Small group - limited to 5 participants

Thursdays, 9-11am Eastern Time (US) / 3-5pm CET
Begins _____

Investment $600

Pay in full 

Pay in installments
$300 now and $300 in 


Want to move right now? 

Dance Meditation Practice, my gift to you

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