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Dance toward the Light

Keep yourself in motion in impossible times

These are difficult times.
It's really hard to stay well with so much stress. 
Yet it doesn't serve anyone if we shut down.
Everyone needs a space to destress and to keep y
our body open.
This is
your space. 

Life is better when you dance...

Gentle exercises to wake up the body.

Intuitive dance practices

Body check-ins


Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.
- Pina Bausch

Dance toward the Light

Six week series begins Thursday, October 26

7-8:30 am Eastern Time

Cost & accessibility
I want this to be accessible to anyone who wants to be there, while still having a sustainable way to support my livelihood.

So, if you need to pay less, you can.
And if you want to pay more in support, please do.

Investment Levels
Supporter $ 225
Sustainer $175
Supported $ 125


Dance toward the Light

“Being in this class has really changed how I feel when I dance. I am so much more comfortable in my body in all kinds of movement and dance situations.”

                                                     Claudia A.

Want to move right now? 

Dance Meditation Practice, my gift to you

Thanks for submitting!

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