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Dance into Wellness

More movement. More flexibility. More joy.
This class will help you go from feeling tired or in pain to having a renewed relationship with your body and a greater capacity to dance - at a pace that is right for you! 
It seems to me that there is a crucial gap in the wellness world: if you want to feel better in your body, you often only have the choice of rigorous fitness classes or free movement.

But if you would benefit from guidance but need to move at a moderate pace, what is there?

That is why I created Dancing toward Wellness.

This is the class for you if want to feel healthier but
~ your health fluctuates up and down
~ you feel stiff or uncoordinated
~ it's difficult for you to maintain healthy habits

This is a guided, right-paced dance class.

You will get  
~ gentle stretches to properly wake up the body
~ guided exercises to increase mobility-in-motion
~ movement explorations focused on increasing the mind-body connection


This is more than just a dance class...

There will be ample opportunity for reflection and sharing about your process. Feelings are welcome here! Many participants tell me this is one of their favorite parts about the class.

Ready to Dance into Wellness?

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