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Keep Moving, Keep Grooving
Dance to support your well-being
Have fun 
And feel more confident and comfortable in your body! 
Creaky joints, difficulty with balance, fatigue, various aches and pains? 
Dance is one of the best medicines there is! 
This a gentle, accessible dance class. 
With age or injury, we tend to get stiff muscles , imbalances, and slow our reaction time. But research shows that dance is one of the best ways to counteract this, bringing rejuvenation to body and mind alike.

Dance lifts your spirits, brings new inspiration, helps you move through difficult emotions and supports health.  
Keep Moving, Keep Grooving 
An eight-week dance journey on Zoom 
Small group, maximum of 8 participants 

Thursdays from 9:30-11am 

Begins October 26

Investment $250

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