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The Friendship Predicament

You know you want meaningful connection. 

But it feels difficult to find or sustain. 

Friends are one of the important aspects of life. They help give our lives joy and purpose. Friendship helps us feel we belong. 

Why, then, can it feel so difficult?

We live in an age where there is an epidemic of loneliness and isolation. Yet talking about loneliness is one of the taboos of our time.


Let's change that. 

We're starting a conversation around friendship. 

It's time to have a space to express our feelings about these important relationships. 

It's time to invite the wisdom of the body to point the way back into belonging. 

It's time to help one another live more connected and meaningful lives. 

But this is a dance website. Why do you offer friendship classes?

Great question! 

Friendship is part of the movement of life. 

Dancing Alive is founded on values of connection, authenticity and presence.

All friendship offerings include movement and verbal expression to access a fuller spectrum of our experience as humans.

friends hugging_edited.png

Why are you starting a conversation on friendship, Natanya? 

Friendships have been a consistent challenge for me, since high school.

In my early twenties I recognized that I wanted to improve my relationships and went looking for help. But, I didn't find any resources that were focused on helping with friendship. There are many resources about romantic relationship, career, etc, but this one was missing (and I'm a pretty good researcher.)

Now, almost 15 years later, I have found some more information. And everything that I have found confirms what I was feeling. We are struggling to have friends! Loneliness is recognized as an epidemic. There are finally a few resources. But not a lot! 

I'm not a friendship expert. I'm a human who knows we need belonging to thrive.  

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