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Move Right into the New Year!

Cultivate healthy habits with intuitive guidance + practical support


Are you tired of feeling low-energy and in pain?

Want to reclaim a better relationship with your body?


For a limited time, I’m offering a two-session package of private sessions to help you incorporate more movement into your life and actually sustain it. 

First session will include

~ setting doable goals to help you cultivate a daily movement practice

~ a simple movement routine that will wake up your whole body


Follow-up session is designed to help you stay motivated and make any necessary adjustments to help you stay well! 

Personalized support to help you meet your New Year’s intentions for health and well-being.
Why would you want me to be your guide?

I know first-hand the challenges and joy of moving from struggling with chronic pain and fatigue to a life that is full of movement!  

Along the way, I've picked up many tricks to help you establish healthy habits - based on goals that are realistic for you now. 

I can help you move from intention into action using your own intuitive knowing as your reference point
, so you can create wellness success on your own terms

I've been incorporating the [wake up routine] throughout the past week or so and it’s really helpful.  


I also had a work holiday party and spent the night dancing on Friday and felt I enjoyed myself even more from all the movement work we’ve been doing.  Thanks again for all this! 

~ Patrick, Scotland

How it works
1. Commit to your own well-being this year by signing up!

2. Schedule your first appointment! This will be one hour long.

3. Plan a follow-up hour session 2-4 weeks later.
This session needs to be completed by the end of February.


Discounted price until Dcc 31!    $195 

After price goes up to $225
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Ready to boost your well-being in 2024? 

Best Value

Move Right into New Year



Valid for 2 months

I'm still unsure...I need some more info!
Happy to help! Send me a message and tell me your concerns and wishes. 

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