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Why Dance?!

Dance for the pure joy of being alive. 

~ Release tension, stress & anxiety

~ Get out of your head and into your body

~ Come into the present moment! 

Cultivate your inner belonging. 

~ Be more grounded 

~ Hear your body's wisdom 


~ Feel more at-home in your life. 

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Get your energy moving.

~ Improve your well-being physically & emotionally

~ Have more juice to power you through the day 

These offerings are for you! They are spaces to feel more comfortable and connected to your body. To learn the wisdom of your embodied self. To connect with yourself and others through movement. 

They are for you if you feel tired and creaky. If you are in pain and know you need a space to move. If you want to feel more confident in your body.

Most of all, they are a space where you get to belong to yourself.  

"Natanya’s movement class has been rich.

She has created an encouraging and respectful space in which to experiment with movement; she uses her considerable knowledge of the body to gently educate and develop my body awareness; she weaves in her explorations of the history and culture of dance; and she is fun and funny, and a beautiful dancer herself! "

~ Catherine Scott

"I needed a gentle class to get my body moving again post Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ve participated in 3 online classes so far and I’m learning to be friends with my body again and becoming more informed of what my body is teaching me. Natanya is a delightful instructor, please check out her website."

~ Christa Black

Why do we love online classes?

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You get to feel really comfortable in your environment. Dancing in your own home offers you the opportunity to drop deeply into yourself.

Plus, no rush, no stress, no parking. 

All classes are designed to create a community-minded setting where sharing is encouraged. 


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